Athletic Shoes

The running shoes you wear can affect your running form and your chances of sustaining a foot or ankle injury. Learn which type and style of shoe is right for you.

Growth Plate Fractures

Growth plates are the areas of developing cartilage tissue near the ends of long bones that help determine the length and shape of the mature bone in children. Click here to learn why children’s bones are more prone to injury, particularly in the form of a growth plate fracture.

Healthy Bones

Bone health is important in every stage of life. Click here to learn how to keep bones strong and healthy.

Heat Illness

Typically, your body keeps itself cool by sweating, But during hot weather, especially with high humidity, your body may not be able to keep up. Learn about the warning signs of heat illness.

High School Sports Injuries

Millions of students participate in high school athletics each year, and injuries sustained on the field or court can have long-term effects. Learn how you can avoid injury this sports season.

Muscle Contusion (Bruise)

Muscle contusions, otherwise known as bruises, are very common in sports and heal quickly. To learn more about muscle contusions, click the link below.

Muscle Cramp

Having muscle cramps in your feet, hands, and thighs is most commonly caused by dehydration. To learn more about how to prevent these muscle cramps, click the link below.

Sports Concussion

Having short-term memory loss is one of the signs of a concussion. To learn more about these signs and symptoms, click the link below.

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