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Heel spurs occur when there is stress and strain on your foot ligaments and tendons. Most people don’t notice heel spurs, and they are not usually visible. However, heel spurs can sometimes cause pain in your heels, making it difficult to walk or do other activities you love. 

Your feet can handle quite a bit of stress, but going over the limit can cause extreme discomfort. Heel pain is one sign that you have been overdoing it.

An ankle sprain is caused by the stretching or tearing of the ligaments that connect the bones in the foot, ankle, and lower leg. 

Minimally invasive spine procedures offer a diverse range of options for individuals seeking relief from pain.

When it comes to persistent back pain caused by conditions such as degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, or herniated discs, spine fusion is a surgical option that can provide much-needed relief.

Over time, our bodies can undergo changes due to various factors. One common phenomenon is the development of sciatica, a condition resulting from injury or pressure on the sciatic nerve.

From hitting the links and perfecting the garden to keeping up with the kids and grandkids, the life you love means staying on the move. Joint aches, back pain, knee instability, and other issues make movement hard, painful, and sometimes impossible.

As the body's largest tendon, the Achilles tendon plays a crucial role in walking, running, and jumping. However, when the tendon stretches beyond its limit, it can rupture, resulting in a partial or complete tear.

While acute injuries like wrist fractures, ankle sprains, shoulder dislocations, and hamstring strains typically result from a single traumatic event, overuse injuries develop gradually and are more subtle. They occur due to repetitive microtrauma to the tendons, bones, and joints.

A troubling trend is emerging on playing fields and basketball courts—young girls leaping or changing direction, only to crumble in agonizing pain. Nationwide, girls experience serious knee injuries, such as ACL tears, at much higher rates than boys participating in the same sports.