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Average Rating: 5 (1,254 reviews)
“I have medical PTSD and have seen a long list of many specialists in my life. I can say even in my first visit with Dr. Kinsella he is absolutely wonderful, abundantly knowledgeable, and a phenomenal bedside manner. I was his last appointment of the day and he treated me like I was the first. He spent a good deal of time speaking with me and in no way tried to rush me out the door or irritated by my many questions and concerns. I went home feeling far less anxious about my care for my current injury.”
– Meaghan S.
“Always explains himself takes his time. Makes you feel comfortable and I feel answers my questions honestly.”
– David K.
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“Fabulous. The best podiatrist I’ve ever been to. Following up with her soon.”
– Colleen S.
“It was honest and to the point, I was able to understand totally what going on from a medical perspective and what were trying to accomplish.”
– Charles J.
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“I have renewed hope. I expected “we’ve done what we could” and instead she did an ultra sound, showed me the improvement, and developed a tx plan with me.”
– Judith B.
“I liked Dr. Panattoni. He was easy to talk with & helpful.”
– Hilda K.
“Great info shared on my home therapy. Very easy to communicate with.”
– Lawrence J.
“Dr. Stack was wonderful my husband and I have been to him this week and he was excellent. Much more helpful than other orthopedic drs we have been to. We would highly recommend him he took the time to explain etc.etc.”
– Karen F.
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“From 1st call to the office thru scheduling surgery everyone has been great! Thank you.”
– Kathryn C.
“She has been wonderful with explaining everything and taking her time with my questions. Very thorough.”
– Gena C.