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Average Rating: 4.8
“My conditions was diagnosed immediately. MRI, diagnosis and steroid, then per norm, injection of synvisc. I am feeling much better.”
– Carolyn N.
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“It was my first visit with Dr. Hickman and I would stay with him as a provider. He made me feel confident in his assessment and treatment and had a sense of humor as well which made me feel very comfortable”
– Gail B.
“I was very impressed with Dr. Kalman. I recommend him.”
– Roger L.
“Very patient and answered all my questions. Didn't make me feel rushed. I had all my questions answered.”
– Mary J.
“I was very impressed by Dr. Kalman. He helped me a lot and I am appreciative of his knowledge. Thank you.”
– Mary K.
“As a new pt to Dr Kalman, i have seem him a few times (5 total). Since i first saw him, i knew i would lime hom as my dr. So far he has explain his plan of care and what hes going to do, step by step. Have very good bed manners and makes you feel at ease. To me hes all i expect on a dr.”
– Ana A.
“Excellent foot surgeon. Listened to all my concerns and helped me tremendously. I enjoyed his staff too as they were very responsive.”
– Barbara W.
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“Dr. Smillie did a great job with my ankle. I had been favoring it for months and he did a complete and thorough diagnosis and his treatment plan worked. I would recommend him to anyone needing an ankle surgery.”
– Angie K.
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“Saw Dr. Smilie for a foot injury just prior to leaving for an extended trip. I left home with confidence that the foot was not fractured and that the bruising would heal over time, which it did. My thanks to the doctor for seeing me so promptly and interpreting the test results for me before my trip.”
– Martin B.
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“Excellent, he took the time to explain the problem and the surgery.”
– John M.
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