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Average Rating: 4.9
“Dr. Garcia is the best and he always treats his patients with such kindness. Thank you Dr. Garcia.”
– Sharon B.
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“Dr. Kahlman is probably the hardest working and the best educated Medical Professional I have yet to meet. I have an autoimmune/ autonomic Nerve Disorder and I know that Dr. Kahlman has always taken the time to stay up to date on all of it. It is impossible to describe the gratitude I have as I have gone to Dr.’s who have said to me it’s not a real disease- I was really getting worried about finding a Dr. who would understand my condition until I met Dr. Kahlman. When you find a Dr. with his knowledge and excellent bedside manner you are very grateful- and I am very grateful to have him as my Doctor!”
– Kristine C.
“The young girl at the front desk was very pleasant to speak to very helpful and with a great smile. The x-ray technician was as well As well as the Dr nurse. I was very impressed with Dr. Erin Forest M.D. she is a Doctor that I feel I can trust and show me concern and compassion in which I am greatful! My wife would love to come see her as well in which she is dealing with some of the same problems. Thank you for all your care and may God bless you !”
– Todd M.
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“Dr. Garcia is caring and knowledgeable. He makes you feel very comfortable. Staff was also accommodating, organized and things went smoothly. I felt well taken care of! Thank you!”
– Terri N.
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“I was having back pain for over two years, I went to two different doctors and no results. I went to see Dr. Popp at Vero Orthopaedics and Neurology and in a little over a month with test results in Dr. Popp's hands, he had me scheduled for surgery. I had my surgery and now a month later I am feeling better. Dr. Popp has helped me a lot. He is very kind, understanding explains things to you completely and has a great bedside manner. I have told other people about him and highly recommended Dr. Popp to others. The staff here at the office is very friendly and quick to check you in and out. I am so grateful I found Vero Orthopaedics and Neurology.”
– Rebecca D.
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“Dr. Hill is one of the rare doctors that actually takes the time to listen to the patient, and treat you like a person instead of number in line. Thank you Dr. Hill for being the person and physician you are.”
– Linda B.
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“My disability insurance changed in Jan. Dr. Megan Hill accepted me as a new patient and became my new PCP Doctor. Right away she discovered a serious blood sugar problem. An A1C over 11 my blood sugar meter was VERY defective. However, in just under 4 weeks my blood sugar is well under way to getting back to normal. My wife and I both see Dr. Hill now. Dr. Hill is caring and personable she genuinely cares she takes the time to listen. My wife and I both feel anyone would be hard pressed to find a better Doctor.”
– Martin W.
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“Dr. Hill was very pleasant and efficient. I had surgery on my knee and all went according to plan. Overall I was pleased with the entire process, the staff, and Dr. Hill.”
– Chris D.
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“Dr. Megan Hill was professional yet very empathic. She took her time with me and asked appropriate questions. I did not feel rushed at any point in the appointment. I would recommend her for those in need of any help with possible osteoporosis or bone health issues.”
– Pat B.
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“Dr. Kane is extremely appreciated for his professionalism and diligence in learning and securing the painful Neuropathy that I have.”
– Jeff E.
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