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Average Rating: 5 (791 reviews)
“Dr. Stack was wonderful my husband and I have been to him this week and he was excellent. Much more helpful than other orthopedic drs we have been to. We would highly recommend him he took the time to explain etc.etc.”
– Karen F.
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“From 1st call to the office thru scheduling surgery everyone has been great! Thank you.”
– Kathryn C.
“She has been wonderful with explaining everything and taking her time with my questions. Very thorough.”
– Gena C.
“Professional and friendly manner.”
– Kathy M.
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“Visit went quickly. Everyone is very nice.”
– Jonathan D.
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“Dr. Stack was an excellent surgeon. He provided me with a full knee replacement surgery, and he was not only a clear expert in the field, he was also hot and caring and made me feel like I was a top priority. My overall experience was beautiful, and I highly recommend Dr. Stack for orthopedic surgeries.”
– Avraham P.
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“I appreciate Dr. Howell as I feel he is honest with me about my back and neck issues. He has given me excellent advice about what can and what can not possibly provide pain relief.”
– Gail B.
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“Although Dr. Howell could not do much for the condition of my lower back, he was attentive, knowledgeable, and provided recommendations.”
– Olga K.
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“Because of severing pain due to the sciatic nerve, I saw Dr.Howell. He prescribed cortisone injections, and I received them at the Surgery Center. I was terrified, but Dr. Howell explained each step, which I found very comforting.”
– Sandy S.
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“I first saw Dr. Coren; he examined and ran some diagnostic tests, resulting in a diagnosis. Dr. Coren listens very well; I was impressed. He referred me to Dr. Howell and following his exam and reading my tests, and most importantly listening to my description of the problem, he determined that injections would be the best route to follow, he was reassuring and together we decided to follow his course of treatment. I received the injections and was very nervous, but everyone at the surgery center eased my fears. Dr. Howell performed the injections with some talking to me, and his kindness was much appreciated. He prescribed physical therapy starting the next day. I wondered how I would be able to start PT so quickly but trusted Dr. Howell. Physical therapists were extremely professional and explained each step and the reason why I needed to do each step carefully under their supervision. I was shocked by how the PT helped to ease my pain, which was excruciating before the injections. I thanked everyone for their kindness and at a follow up with Dr. Howell hugged him, for his excellent care.”
– Sandra S.
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