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(16,083) Patient Reviews and Ratings
  • “As always, Dr. Peden and his assistant, Dex, were right on time and ready to help me. I can not say enough great things about my experiences at this office. Dr. Peden helped repair a misdiagnosed work injury for over two years. I may not be back to my best, but I am better than last year.”
    – Ken W.
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  • “Dr. Coren was very thorough. He listened to my issue and provided great care.”
    – Celia S.
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  • “Dr. Paterson took the time to explain my hand injury and to listen to my concerns. He also instructed me how to protect my hand with a wrap in the future until it regains strength. He exhibited empathy and professionalism.”
    – Cynthia S.
  • “Dr. Arrojas provided an excellent explanation of my upcoming hip replacement.”
    – Randall D.
  • “I am very happy with Dr. Morra's attention to my injury.”
    – Ronald B.
  • “Dr. Plessl was very professional, kind, and patient. He took the time to listen to my complaints, answered my questions and concerns, and explained the best treatment available.”
    – Evelyn R.
  • “Dr. Howell listens well and communicates well.”
    – Pat N.
  • “Dr. Constant is compassionate as well as skilled. He takes the time to listen to the patient. He is systematic and thorough. He worked with me as we began to realize my problem was more of a back problem than a foot problem, and he referred me to a conservative back doctor, where I should be able to get help. I would go back to him for any foot problem in a heartbeat.”
    – Yvonne T.
  • “Dr. Paterson was very professional.”
    – Stephen R.
  • “Dr. Ofner is very knowledgeable and pleasant.”
    – Sandra J.
  • “Dr. Coren is brilliant and is respected for his ability. Thank you.”
    – Valerie A.
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  • “Dr. Howell finds the right spot and has the right solution to resolve my pain.”
    – Lisa B.
  • “Dr. Howell met my expectations. He listened well, answered all my questions, and clearly explained his thoughts on my problem.”
    – Dale K.
  • “Dr. Peden and the staff were very professional and polite.”
    – Anatoly S.
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  • “Dr. Morra listened to my issues and offered several possible outcomes. I was really pleased with the visit and learned a lot.”
    – Scott L.
  • “I was made to feel very comfortable, and Dr. Peden was attentive and informative. He listened to my story and answered all my questions. It was a very worthwhile visit.”
    – Mary A.
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  • “Dr. Coren was very professional, a good listener, and offered sound advice.”
    – Patricia S.
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  • “Dr. Paterson was knowledgeable and explained everything very well. He was very easy to talk to, and he listened.”
    – Ellaine S.
  • “Dr. Howell spent a reasonable amount of time with me, explained my situation, and answered all my questions. I went away feeling comfortable with the explanations he gave me.”
    – Thomas T.
  • “Dr. Ofner listens, explains, and follows up. She is a great physician.”
    – Karen P.
  • “Dr. Morra is great. She is kind, efficient, knowledgeable, and willing to listen. She has helped me a lot.”
    – Suzanne R.
  • “Dr. Constant was friendly, easy to talk to, and listened. He was genuinely concerned. He offered many suggestions for healing and surgical options in case my issues aren’t resolved with my current efforts to heal my plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis.”
    – Jacqueline S.
  • “My experience with Dr. Arrojas was excellent.”
    – Mark L.
  • “Dr. Stack is a terrific doctor as he listens, has patience, and I feel he has a genuine interest in his patients. He answers all my questions in a thoughtful manner, which I appreciate. His staff is very efficient and kind, they really give 100%. I don’t have a long wait due to their efficiency and that's wonderful. I am so pleased with my knee replacement surgery, it has given my life back.”
    – Diahann H.
  • “I must say upfront, I didn't know anybody in this office to use for my injured knee but did some research on a couple of doctors before making my selection. After reviewing some of Dr. Stack's credentials, I knew he was fully qualified in my book. I am very thankful to Dr. Stack for repairing my left knee in such a short amount of time. I was very appreciative of him calling my wife afterward and explaining the results of my surgery. Dr. Stack always took steps to explain what type of damage my knee suffered, discussed my x-rays & MRI in easy language to understand. On the day of surgery, Dr. Stack once again came in and asked me if I still had any questions or concerns - to which I replied no. I really felt I was in good hands at all times. As for the surgery itself, I was up walking within a day or two without much pain. Within a week, I felt as though my knee was pretty strong once again. I was surprised but very impressed when Dr. Stack took the time to show me photographs taken inside my knee along with the damage he fixed. With some PT help for about two weeks, my knee has fully regained it's mobility and strength back. I can't thank Dr. Stack enough for repairing my damaged knee and eliminating a lot of pain that I endured for months.”
    – Chris H.