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Average Rating: 5 (3,975 reviews)
“Dr. Constant was very conscientious about how I felt and the pain level on my right foot. I had a cortisone shot today, hoping this will alleviate my pain.”
– Carlene S.
“It was my first visit with Dr. Arrojas. We discussed knee replacement surgery, and he couldn’t be more pleasant, informative, and patient. My wife came along, and we were both so impressed. He made us feel super comfortable when I was a little nervous about the prospects of an operation. Thank you.”
– Joe S.
“Dr. Constant was excellent as always. Thank you to my PT, Jake.”
– Latifa D.
“Dr. Constant was extremely kind and helpful. I have absolutely no complaints about his treatment. I may have a long road to recovery, but I feel I'm in good hands with him and his staff.”
– Travis W.
“I'm a new patient, and the quality of care provided by Dr. Constant and his staff was truly exceptional. I highly recommend this facility.”
– Bonny C.
“Dr. Howell was excellent. He’s very personable. He took the time to explain all of the treatment options available.”
– Mabel C.
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“Dr. Constant is an exceptional person and a great provider. He thoroughly explains the results and options for procedures—a wonderful person.”
– Kathryn B.
“Dr. Arrojas took the time to review and discuss my X-rays, explain all aspects of the hip replacement surgery, and answer my questions. He discussed the differences between the old and new materials, which alleviated concerns others had complained to me about. He also mentioned we’ll have another meeting right before surgery to go over and address any questions that may come up between now and then. I look forward to having this surgery and returning to a normal pain-free life.”
– Kathy R.
“Dr. Constant is fantastic. He was clear and concise in explaining my current situation, answered any and all questions, and had an excellent bedside manner.”
– Dara M.
“I am very pleased with the treatment Dr. Arrojas has provided for my infected knee. He has offered thorough explanations of my condition and his recommendations for me to follow. As a patient, I appreciate his communication skills and his knowledge of my problem.”
– Gale H.