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Average Rating: 5 (840 reviews)
“Dr. Garcia is very approachable and kind. He completes a comprehensive neurological and orthopedic exam with a detailed explanation of his findings. He created a treatment plan that made sense for my injuries and applied them immediately to help induce healing. I completely trust his clinical judgment and will recommend him to family and friends.”
– Carol A.
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“Dr. Forest was a pure delight and a brilliant doctor. I have a hand infection from having had strep asepsis, and she had answers, solutions and was empathetic and delightful! I would recommend her to every single person that asks so thank you for employing such an outstanding human being.”
– Tricia S.
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“Very cool Doctor and staff. I would recommend you to all I come across who needs your service. Immaculate clean office, high tech equipment I would come back and share lunch.”
– Patrick N.
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“Dr. Garcìa is the best doctor! He spends so much time explaining everything to a tee. I love his approach and his staff, they are great!”
– Gabriella G.
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“Dr. Smillie got me onto his schedule the day I broke my foot. I am active and wanted the best care for my foot with the best function. He was very thorough and knowledgeable, with a calm and compassionate manner. He performed surgery on me and did an excellent job! Self-explanatory instructions were given, and his assistant was lovely too! Great experience!”
– Amy H.
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“I was seen quickly. Dr. Kane was professional.”
– Donna O.
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– Jeffrey B.
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“The doctor did not rush and showed real concern.”
– Barbara S.
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“Excellent! Dr. Garcia is very caring and knowledgeable.”
– Linda J.
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“All appointments were on time and handled very professionally by all the staff.”
– Bill S.
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