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Average Rating: 5 (623 reviews)
“The doctor did not rush and showed real concern.”
– Barbara S.
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“Excellent! Dr. Garcia is very caring and knowledgeable.”
– Linda J.
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“All appointments were on time and handled very professionally by all the staff.”
– Bill S.
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“All staff and Dr. Garcia were very personable and knowledgeable. The appointment ran very smooth and quick. All the staff members were very understanding and professional. One of the most helpful crews I’ve seen in a while with excellent care.”
– Gianna A.
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“Dr. Garcia is the greatest doctor! Very caring spends the time you deserve.”
– Vincent S.
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“Thank you, Dr. Garcia. I've always been hesitant about doctors, and I was very comfortable with our visit and looking forward to working with you thank you so much.”
– Chris C.
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“Excellent doctor with a good understanding of my issue. Found additional fractures not diagnosed by the urgent care provider. I was very pleased with my experience during my appointment.”
– John S.
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“Very nice.”
– Jennifer S.
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“Dr. Coren took the time to explain my current condition and thoroughly explained what my next was to be. Couldn’t be happier with my visit with Dr. Coren.”
– Kevin H.
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“My experience was wonderful. Dr. Kane and Audrea make all of my visits very pleasurable.”
– Stephen P.
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