Patient Account Representative – Patient Balance Collections


Responsible for making payment arrangements, collecting accounts, monitoring, and pursuing delinquent accounts. Responsible for daily process involving small balance write-off, bad debt write-off and/or turning account over to collections. Work aged accounts receivable including claims and patient balance follow-up. Strives to achieve targeted collection rate for each physician practice/client. Responsible for collection activities and processing of monthly payment plan accounts to ensure receipt of monthly payments.


  • Knowledge of medical billing procedures.

  • Collects delinquent accounts by establishing payment arrangements with patients. Monitor payment and follow up with patients when payment lapses occur.

  • Handle all accounts receivable related matters.

  • Work AR tasks regularly and ensure collection action is thorough.

  • Utilizes collection agencies.

  • Follow-up on outstanding patient account balances less than 90 days from the date of service in accordance with practice protocol with emphasis on maximizing patient satisfaction and practice profitability.

  • Reviewing appointment schedules making alerts on past due accounts.

  • Researches and responds by telephone and in writing to patient inquiries regarding billing questions and problems.

  • Maintains patient demographic information in data collection systems.

  • Research returned mail for address correction.

  • Ensures strict confidentiality of financial and health records.

  • Ability to interact and communicate with people effectively over the telephone or in person.

  • Ability to verify data input and correct errors.

  • Ability to gather data, compile information and prepare reports.

  • Interact with Attorneys and handle Letters of Protection.

  • Understands probate protocol.


Administrative Support

Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted, or changed at any time at the discretion of the Administrator or the Board, formally or informally, either verbally or in writing.


Performance Standards

1. Strong customer service, organizational and communication skills required.

2. Knowledge of medical practice billing department duties.

3. Skill in obtaining and maintaining accurate records in all aspects of the medical office.

4. Ability to initiate and complete tasks related to job duties without direct request of supervisor.

5. Ability to prioritize & multitask in an occasionally stressful environment, with phones, patients and other responsibilities.

6. Good attendance is required due to the nature of billing and collections and the revenue cycle.

7. Maintains strictest confidentiality of patient information and office business practices.

8. General computer skills, accurate typing skills and a working knowledge of Medicare Compliance, OSHA, and HIPAA.


Position Access Authorizations

  • May amend or view Protected Health Information (PHI) as defined by HIPAA.

  • Level of HIPPA Security “Permission” =: Medium, where

Low = patient demographics data, scheduling, and chart management.

Medium = “Low” plus some billing data

Management = “Medium” plus all billing data

Director = Unlimited access

Risk of Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens – Minimal to zero exposure.


Position Relationships

  • Receives support from fellow coworkers in billing and AR


Authority Boundaries: Reports to billing manager on administrative and all other matters. Work Qualities

1. Able to work well with co-workers, supervisors, and physicians.

2. Maintain an overall excellent attendance record.

3. Able to communicate effectively.

4. Respectful of patients, physicians, all employees, and vendors.

5. Possesses a high integrity, neat and clean appearance of oneself.

6. Provides service excellence in every way.

7. Understanding the ethics of confidentiality.



1. Requires comprehensive understanding of accounts receivable management in a healthcare setting.

2. High school diploma or equivalent.

3. Ability to perform basic mathematical tasks.

4. Experience in medical office working with insurance claims involving CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9CM and HCFA regulations preferred.

5. Strong analytical, oral, and written communication skills.

6. Knowledge of medical terminology.

7. Basic computer skills.

8. Able to prioritize and multitask in an occasional stressful environment.


Physical Requirements

Requires standing and or sitting for long periods of time with occasional bending required. Must be able to view and enter data into the computer for extended periods. Must be able to communicate via the telephone. Must be able to drive.


The American with Disabilities Act requires that reasonable accommodations be made for qualified individuals to help perform the required duties and tasks of the position, please let us know at the time you apply for a position if you will need any special accommodations.

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