We are dedicated to ensuring our patients at Vero Orthopaedics have access to the best options to help restore their strength, function, and active lifestyles. Through that dedication, our experts research and train in the latest care technologies, such as the UltraGuideTFR device.

Offered by Dr. Paul Paterson, a fellowship-trained hand and upper extremity surgeon, procedures using UltraGuideTFR provide same-day relief for a common problem: trigger finger.

About Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a condition that causes the affected finger or fingers to catch or lock, and eventually, they may be unable to straighten fully. While the cause of trigger finger is unknown, the condition involves inflammation and thickening of the tendons along the finger bones.

Symptoms of trigger finger include:

  • A lump in your palm that feels sore or tender
  • Swelling in the palm and/or fingers
  • A feeling of catching or popping in your finger joints
  • Pain when moving your fingers

Why Choose UltraGuideTFR?

Trigger finger may be resolved through nonsurgical treatments, including exercises and injections. If these methods do not provide adequate relief, a procedure known as trigger finger release may be recommended.

Traditionally, trigger finger release is performed using an open method. This means the surgeon will make an incision in the palm to operate. Then, the affected finger is released by cutting the tissue surrounding the tendon where it was catching so that the tendon can glide through easily again. This restores movement to the affected finger.

Using ultrasound guidance, procedures with UltraGuideTFR can reduce the scarring and extended recovery that traditional release procedures have. With extremely accurate imaging of the hand anatomy through real-time ultrasound, your surgeon is able to achieve better precision for a more efficient procedure. 

Benefits of UltraGuideTFR procedures include:

  • Convenient in-office, same-day treatment
  • Faster recovery and return to activities compared to traditional open release procedure
  • Postoperative pain management requiring only over-the-counter medications
  • Minimized hand incision for minimized scarring—no sutures necessary
  • Immediate return of finger and hand mobility

Dr. Paterson is available to see patients at our location in Vero Beach

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