Basketball Injury Prevention

Basketball players are most commonly at risk for injuries to the ankles, knees, and shoulders. Read on to learn how you can avoid injury on the court.


Biking is a fun, healthy way to get exercise. Read these tips to stay safe while you ride.


Common injuries in contact and collision sports, burners and stingers produce a stinging or burning pain that spreads from an athlete’s shoulder to his or her hand. Learn about the symptoms and treatment methods for a burner or stinger.

Cheerleading Injury Prevention

Between jumping, kicking, and tumbling, cheerleading can present several opportunities for injury. Read on for tips on preventing injury during cheerleading.

Dance Injury Prevention

For dancers, the risk of injury is widespread, from the feet to the knees, hips, and shoulders. Learn how the proper stretching and conditioning program can help you stay injury-free.


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