Dr. Joe Panattoni Makes News With Latest Procedure

Fellowship-trained, board-certified hand surgeon Joao (Joe) Panattoni, M.D., is offering procedures using the state-of-the-art method called the wide-awake local anesthesia, no tourniquet technique. This technique, known as WALANT, offers a safe alternative for patients who are at risk of complications under general anesthesia. 

Dr. Panattoni was recently featured in an article on VeroNews.com, where he detailed what patients can expect during a WALANT procedure, which can be used to treat trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, hand trauma injuries, and tendonitis (or tendinitis). The article also mentions the significantly lower cost of care with WALANT hand surgery. 

Dr. Panattoni has now performed over 100 WALANT procedures for the hand in the Vero Beach area. He says: “We give the patient what they need and what’s best for them and what makes them happy. We keep it safe for the patient, of course, and we have been having good results and good outcomes.”

Click here to read the article on VeroNews.com.