Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)

Having pain in your hips is commonly because of a condition where your hip bones are abnormally shaped and rub together. To learn more on this condition, click the link below.

Hip Arthroscopy

To figure out what is really wrong with your hip, most have a hip arthroscopy to truly diagnose what is wrong. To learn the procedure and the care, click the following link.

Hip Bursitis

Having pain at night while lying down could be a symptom of hip bursitis. Learn how to prevent or care for hip bursitis by clicking the following link.

Hip Conditioning Program

After having surgery or strain, it is best to condition your hip afterwards to get it back to normal and healthy. To learn how to do this properly, follow the tips below.

Hip Strains

The muscles around the hip are used the most during sports activities. Strains of these muscles can be very painful, causing swelling or even loss of strength in those muscles.

Snapping Hip

Hearing a popping noise or snap while walking is a symptom of snapping hip. To learn how to care for or prevent this condition, follow the tips below.

Sports Hernia (Athletic Pubalgia)

Often occurring in sports such as ice hockey, soccer, wrestling, and football, sports hernias can cause severe pain resulting in chronic, disabling pain if not treated promptly. Learn how to spot a sports hernia and the proper treatment methods for it.

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