“I can’t do this anymore. This is affecting my job, this is affecting how I clean my house and drive—everything.”

That’s what Allison Beam, 44, Vero Beach, said before she underwent double carpal tunnel release with board-certified, fellowship-trained hand surgeon Dr. Joao (Joe) Panattoni at Vero Orthopaedics. 

Carpal tunnel release is a common procedure, but now with a new technique known as microinvasive surgery using the SX-One MicroKnife®, the once 6-month’s long recovery has gotten Allison back at work after only 3 weeks. 

Allison came to see Dr. Panattoni after being referred by her general doctor for treatment for her carpal tunnel syndrome. As an ambidextrous distribution center professional, Allison routinely works with her hands and needed to be back in action quickly. Posed with options for treatment, she asked herself, “Do I want to be out for 6 months with physical therapy and waiting for insurance approvals, or do I want to be out for 3 weeks?”

After surgery, Allison said that “my wrists never bothered me.” She also noted, “The incisions are right on the wrist, and you can’t even see them.”

Quickly recovered, Allison says she is back to about 95 percent and happy to be able to not only get back to working and driving, but also doing simple tasks once again, like washing and brushing her long hair. 

The very same procedure has already helped two other area women put carpal tunnel syndrome behind them, including mother of 6, Patricia Nick, 86, of Vero Beach. 

Patricia had the older carpal tunnel release procedure last year: an open surgery that works in the same way to relieve pressure on the median nerve but has more scarring and requires general anesthesia, surgery center care, and extended physical therapy. This year, Patricia had microinvasive carpal tunnel release in her other wrist, and she says there is no comparison.

“The new is so much easier than the old because the old procedure was invasive,” said Patricia. “I feel very lucky to have Dr. Panattoni. He’s a great hand surgeon. [His work] looks good, and it cut down time on everything. It sure was worth it.”

Through her experiences at Vero Orthopaedics, Patricia said, “I think it’s a great place and they really do have some very good doctors. The procedure was most successful—I just say enough about it, and I’ve got full mobility.”

For Mary Conrad, 73, Vero Beach, the results are just as stellar. She said, “I love working in my yard. I wasn’t able to do as much before.” Today, she’s gardening every day she can (when it’s not raining). 

Mary said that before surgery, “I had all my trust in Dr. Panattoni, and I knew everything was going to be fine. I just knew I was in good hands. Dr. Panattoni’s always looking out for his patients and the comfort of his patients.” 

After being prepared by Dr. Panattoni and knowing what to expect, Mary underwent surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome in both her wrists as well as treatment for her trigger finger condition. She said, “The procedure was wonderful. Dr. Panattoni is just so precise. When I’d look over at the doctor during the procedure, his eyes were just so focused on that monitor. He’s a perfectionist. I just loved him. He’s great.”

Her surgery was in late July. While physical therapy is still needed for rehabilitating her finger condition, she said, “I’m feeling great. Now, I can do anything that I want to, and my fingers don’t ache. I’m glad I got it done. My wrists are fixed, and my finger’s fixed, and I’m using my hands, and I don’t have any problems, so it’s all well worth it.”

“I would put Dr. Panattoni at number one,” added Mary. “He’s so patient, and he explains things, and he’s so precise.”

If you’re experiencing pain, numbness, or limited mobility in your wrists, fingers, or hands, schedule a consultation with Dr. Panattoni at Vero Orthopaedics in Vero Beach or Sebastian. You may be a candidate for this quick and easy procedure or another leading-edge treatment to help you feel better and get back to doing what you love to do.

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