A New Option for Chronic Shoulder Pain From Dr. John Peden Helps Local Resident Find Relief

Retired electrical engineer Marc Orlick started experiencing severe shoulder pain a year ago and sought out the specialists at Vero Orthopaedic & Neurology for their expertise.

While Marc had some relief through nonsurgical treatments, the damage to his rotator cuff was so extensive that it became clear surgical intervention was needed for a long-term solution. Fellowship-trained, board-certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. John Peden then recommended a minimally invasive procedure called superior capsule reconstruction (SCR) surgery to repair the damage to Marc’s shoulder.

An innovative procedure used as an alternative to reverse shoulder replacement, SCR offers the ability to repair previously irreparable rotator cuff injuries. It was initially developed to help patients with massive rotator cuff repairs who are not good candidates for reverse or total shoulder replacement.

Shoulder replacement is typically not ideal for younger or more active patients due to the limitations of the prosthetic. SCR provides an opportunity for these patients to regain function in their shoulder without pursuing a joint replacement procedure.

Dr. Peden is one of few surgeons with the training and experience to perform this rare procedure for irreparable rotator cuff tears. Marc, who was suffering from this injury and the accompanying loss of function, underwent the procedure on his left shoulder and is still experiencing positive results.

“I was a little shocked that during my first check-up I was able to lift my arm up over my head,” says Marc, who had SCR performed in September. Right now, he says, it’s still getting better.

The SCR procedure spares as much of the patient’s shoulder joint as possible and is designed to help provide a more stable joint and muscles to surround the joint. Now, patients can benefit from specialty-trained surgeons like Dr. Peden being able to repair what was once considered irreparable.  

To learn more about this advanced procedure or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Peden, please call (772) 569-2330 or schedule an appointment online.