Vero Orthopaedics’ newest expert, Dr. Stuart Kinsella, recently had a full-length feature on 

The article discusses common conditions that lead to back pain and discomfort, including lumbar stenosis, cervical stenosis, and herniated discs, all of which Dr. Kinsella offers experienced care for as a fellowship-trained orthopaedic spine surgeon.

Dr. Kinsella also answers questions about his expertise and explains his overall approach to patient care, such as nonsurgical treatments and the latest techniques and procedures. 

“My goal is to avoid surgery completely, if possible,” Dr. Kinsella said. “And if I have to do surgery, I do the most specific surgery possible to help their symptoms. Back surgery is not the same for everyone, and it’s not the picture I’m treating; it’s the patient. If there’s a connection between what they are saying and what I can see, I fix that specific problem and do not fix anything that isn’t causing a problem.”

To learn more about Dr. Kinsella, click here to read the full article.

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