• Al Weight Loss

    Al’s Progress

    Al has lost over 50 pounds in less than four months. He was also prediabetic when he started the diet and is now in good ranges for blood levels. His neuropathy pains have lessened as well. His body mass index (BMI) started at 31.73, which put him in the obese range, and is currently at 25.4, which is very close to normal ranges for BMI. He is currently transitioning and will still be losing a little bit of weight.

    “Having reached levels in my blood labs approaching diabetes, I was scared. I needed to find a different way forward. ITG presented itself as a serious program with good and achievable life changes concerning food selection and weight-loss goals. With the excellent guidance of Brittney and steady determination on my part, I was able to go from 267 pounds to 215 pounds in four months. My blood lab numbers are now normal, and I feel better overall. Now, let's see . . . where are all those old clothes I loved to wear but couldn't fit into? I want them! Thank you, ITG and Brittney." - Al

  • Beverly Weight Loss

    Beverly’s Progress

    Beverly has lost over 27 pounds in only four and a half months using the ITG Diet. Before starting the diet, Beverly’s BMI was at 26.31, and it is now down to 22.3.

  • Robin_weight_loss

    Robin’s Progress

    Robin is an employee at Vero Orthopaedics & Neurology. After being on the program for four months, she has lost 43 pounds. She started at 272 pounds and is currently at 229 pounds with plans to keep going.

    “I’ve struggled with weight most of my life. But at this point in my life, I had decided that something has to give, as I was not only overweight, but unhealthy. When I was introduced to this program, I was skeptical. But with encouragement, I decided to give it a try. This program has been working for me. Not only has it helped me to lose weight and get healthier, but it has taught me to make better choices with the fresh and real food that I eat.” – Robin

  • Glenn’s Progress

    Glenn went from 237 pounds to 195 pounds, losing 42 pounds on the program after four months, and he is still losing weight! Since he is diabetic, his main concern was his A1C levels, which were at 8.1% and are now down to 6.3%.

  • Joan’s Progress

    Glenn’s wife, Joan, has lost 33 pounds after four months on the program. She went from 167 pounds to 134 pounds, and she is also still losing weight! The best perk of the diet for her has been the spike in her energy levels.

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