Mark Sultzman, P.A.-C., PharmD

Photo: Mark Sultzman, P.A.-C., PharmD

Mark Sultzman is a Vero Beach native. He obtained his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Florida in 2007. Shortly after graduation, he attended Nova Southeastern University to complete the Master of Medical Science Physician Assistant program and graduated from there in 2009. 

Mark has been practicing medicine in Vero Beach and Sebastian since 2009. He has seven years of infectious disease experience and six years of experience with family medicine and primary care. As a primary care provider, he offers support and compassionate advice. Mark understands that his patients are more than any diagnosis they may receive. Thus, he is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of diseases and encourages a healthy lifestyle. 

In his practice, Mark is recognized for offering evidence-based medicine and is dedicated to continued learning and innovation. Mark has been appointed as a clinical assistant professor since 2018 at Florida State University. He enjoys teaching students and lending his skills to educate and inspire future physician assistants’ careers in medicine. 

Mark has a passion for primary care and provides comprehensive care for all adults. His services include disease prevention, acute and chronic care, disease management, and nonsurgical sports medicine orthopaedics.