Welcome to our Regenerative Medicine Center

At our Regenerative Medicine Center, we utilize nonsurgical procedures that are designed specifically to heal and regenerate tissue. We treat chronic and acute injuries utilizing platelet-rich plasma (PRP), prolotherapy, bone marrow concentrate or stem cell therapy, and ultrasound-guided injections. We treat conditions such as tendon tears and refractory arthritis.

When soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage) are damaged, the body attempts to heal the injury with its own repair mechanisms. However, the body is not always able to heal the injury adequately. This may lead to ongoing pain, weakness, disability, swelling, or range of motion limitation. At Vero Orthopaedics & Neurology’s Regenerative Medicine Center in Vero Beach and Sebastian, we aim to augment the natural healing process using the body’s own stem cells, PRP, and regenerative mechanisms to repair or grow back tissue.

Our specialty-trained regenerative medicine doctor, Dr. Barry Garcia, has undergone additional training in regenerative medicine techniques, including prolotherapy, ultrasound-guided injections, PRP, and stem cell treatments. Dr. Garcia offers stem cell therapy compliant with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), using stem cells from bone marrow concentrate for regenerating tissue damage associated with arthritis and rotator cuff tears. Whatever your needs, he has the knowledge and experience to create a plan tailored to you.

Patient Consultation

The Regenerative Medicine Center at Vero Orthopaedics & Neurology provides our patients access to consultation Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Prior to your consultation, new patients will be asked to complete forms, which include medical history, demographic, and insurance information. This information, along with any current diagnostic imaging (X-ray, CT, MRI), will be utilized by your doctor to help in your diagnosis and treatment plan.

To schedule an appointment for PRP, prolotherapy, or stem cell injections in Vero Beach or Sebastian, please request an appointment online or call (772) 569-2330.

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