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Average Rating: 5 (623 reviews)
“Outstanding, very informative, personable. Job well done! Very impressed.”
– James R.
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“Dr. Popp was very courteous, and talked to me in laymen terms so I could understand. Very pleasant and made me feel like I was in very good hands. The staff is always so helpful, professional, and knows what their doing. Thank you!”
– Kate L.
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“Dr. Popp is knowledgable, professional and he knows exactly how to help with my issue. I have full confidence in him.”
– Mike D.
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“He was very informative and spoke to me in words I was able to understand.”
– Sandra C.
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“Excellent! Thorough, informative, great experience”
– Alice P.
“Dr Kane has been treating me for quite a while for low back pain. I am very pleased with him and how he is handling my problems.”
– Becky M.
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“I received excellent attention and care. I was seen promptly and each staff member was both friendly and professional. Dr. Popp was friendly, professional and thorough in his evaluation. Overall, I am pleased with the treatment I received. Thank you!”
– Catherine V.
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– Bernard D.
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“Dr. Forest Operated on my wrist. The outcome has been exactly as hoped and expected. Dr. Forest took time to explain what needed to be done. Even with her busy schedule, she took the time necessary. I would be very comfortable going to her again if needed.”
– Barry B.
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“My provider was concerned with my symptoms and details I explained to him regarding my medical condition. He handled my examination professionally and prescribed the only possible workable alternative for my necessary test promptly.”
– Tom V.
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