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Average Rating: 5 (1,097 reviews)
“Excellent. Very good Doctor and gives a good painless injection for relief of bursitis. Takes overnight to kick in but worth the wait. Good techs with him. Thank you.”
– J B.
“Was very professional, thorough, friendly, and gave an understandable diagnosis of the ulnar nerve damage to my right arm and potential treatment options.”
– John C.
“Dr. Popp was very knowledgeable, courteous, and caring. He ordered some diagnostic work, (x-rays and an MRI ). I have a follow-up appointment with him next week and I am looking forward to it.”
– Catherine Z.
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“I left feeling there was nothing that could really be done to ease my pain. Dr. Popp has a nice way of dealing with patients. Maybe the MRI he ordered will show more. Gina Marie was very friendly & compassionate. A pleasure to be with. Thank you.”
– Valerie R.
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“Dr. Coran was very thorough, he explained my condition thoroughly What kind of treatment I should consider. I recommend Dr.Coran highly.”
– Claire H.
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“Staff was efficient, courteous and pleasant. Dr. Garcia honed in on my problem quickly and set a plan of action with options to alleviate the pain. I am very satisfied with the whole experience.”
– Agostino G.
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“Dr. Popp was very informative and was very easy to communicate with. He was a good listener and shared my concerns in a very professional manner.”
– Carol H.
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“Dr. Coren was very professional and knowledgeable. The staff was professional, very helpful and reassuring.”
– Kathy T.
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“Dr. Garcia is the best and he always treats his patients with such kindness. Thank you Dr. Garcia.”
– Sharon B.
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“Dr. Popp was very caring and helpful. I really like how he helps you and wants to fix you. I am thankful for having him as my Doctor. His staff is also wonderful.”
– Sheila S.
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