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Average Rating: 5 (1,097 reviews)
“They were showed great professionalism and they were excellent. I will suggest anybody to them.”
– Jeffrey B.
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“I found the office and nursing staff to be friendly and helpful. I was actually called in for my appointment with Dr. Popp 10 minutes early having filled out my information on their easy to use website. Dr. Popp was very informative and accurate in his diagnosis. I would highly recommend Vero Orthopaedics & Neurology.”
– Thomas B.
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“After 8 weeks post lumbar spinal fusion, walking 2 miles a day with little to no pain. Dr. Popp said he thought he could help my back pain and he certainly has. Thank you.”
– Bob R.
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“After arriving at the surgical center to have the epidural procedure, I was asked to fill up a few forms regarding my medications. This list was reviewed & verified before I was allowed to go into the pre-surgery room. Again my medicines were reviewed. I was asked other medical question regarding my allergies, more notes were taken. Then I was wheeled into the surgery room where the nurses told Dr. Kane about my allergies. I'm allergic to iodine and I had forgotten to mention that earlier. A couple minutes later Dr. Kane give me novacaine which was followed by the"Painless epidural injection"! A band-aid was placed on my injection site & I was wheeled back into the recovery room. My blood pressure taken & post surgery forms were given to me to take home. This entire procedure took less than 45 minutes before I was in my car and heading home. One of the best surgical procedures I've ever had. Thank you Dr. Kane and your staff.”
– Gail S.
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“Wonderful bedside manner. Very professional, explained everything he was doing & what to expect after treatment.”
– Gary B.
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“Dr. Popp has helped me with my back for the past few months. He did surgery and I am standing straight without pain. He is so sweet and so is his staff. I recommend him and his staff to everyone. He is the best.”
– Rebecca D.
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“Dr. Popp is friendly and easy to talk to, and he explains the process. He performed an L4-5 microdiscectomy on me, and I feel that he has a genuine concern regarding my health and a positive outcome post surgery. I'm currently in physical therapy to complete the healing process thanks to Dr. Popp, and I'm looking forward to complete relief from sciatic pain.”
– Suzanne B.
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“Customer service game on fleek! Highly impressed with the staff.”
– Benjamin L.
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“I don’t ever want Dr. Garcia to retire. I depend on his expertise to help me enjoy a quality life. A huge thank you to him and his staff!!”
– Rebecca E.
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“Dr. Popp took time to examine me, explain the situation, answer questions and he gave me treatment options.”
– Johanna V.
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